The Adventures of Rabbit Jones: Human Girl

Heaven is a place you can get with a cannon.

23 March
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I like to look at things.

They can be things happening on a screen, or things outside my window having loud dramatic arguments. If you have a set of shiny keys to jangle in front of me, that would also be good. I take pictures. I turn 25 and start dying my hair funny colours. I am learning how to make video games. I am getting paid for it.

At the moment, I'm dancing around the fringes of the derivative works scene. Especially the moving-pictures segment. I enjoyed a lot of this without knowing what it was. So I'm prodding it a bit, as I would really like to have some *hobbies* again. Currently trying my hand at vidding.

This journal is really really new. The old one is still kicking around, for old time's sake. The goal is to write more about Things that I Do and Like, instead of things like "GUYS I HAVE HAD A WHISKEY AND I AM LOOKING AT THE MOST INTERESTING SQUIRREL RIGHT NOW", but there's still gonna be some of that.