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Dear Festividder
Hi! Hello! Yes!  
You are great.  People who make vids for other people are great.  As a reward I am going to try this strange new thing called "brevity", for your sake.  I'm prone to auto-RPF bloviating so let's consider this a character building exercise.  
General things about vids (mostly re-pasted from last year):
General Likes in Vids
I am inclined to like vids. I like playing with lyrics and the theme of the song. I LOVE LOVE LOVE internal motion and choreography. I like it when I can see something new every time I see a vid. I love when vidders get interpretive with lyrics. I like to be moved emotionally, in any direction.  I like critique.  Uh I guess what I am saying is that I like vids?
General Dislikes in Vids
Overuse of literalism. Overuse of filters/effects for the sake of using filters and effects. Microcutting for the sake of micro-cutting. 
...actually that sounds like different parts of the same issue: it's just about making mindful desicions about the hows and whys of a vid. (I'm one of those people, sorry). I think the idea should carry the vid, and the cutting and effects should serve the idea. There's a really wide variety of styles that I like, including effects heavy vids, but they all have *intent*, if that makes sense.  
I'm pretty easy with music, as I genuinely enjoy a wide range of stuff. All time favorites include David Bowie, pre-Good News Modest Mouse, Velvet Underground, MGMT, Tori Amos, Andrew Bird, Joanna Newsom, the Pixies, and classic Elton John. Currently I can't stop listening to alt-J. But I like rock, most pop (esp upbeat), folk, soul, funk, psychadelic stuff, intrumental, metal, hip hop and I can be convinced about country western. I like finding new music through vids. 
I don't have a lot of no-go areas, but "Things that sound like Nickleback or Evanescence" are gonna be a hard sell  (Again, sorry, I am one of *those* people).
Okay!  On to the specifics:

RPF - Raúl Esparza.

Okay I am going to level with you, here.  This is at the top of the list for a reason, in an "OH GOD PLEASE SOMEONE" kind of way.  Because the thing about Raúl is...everything.  I don't crush on celebrities very often but UGH GOD I've got it pretty bad.  Whether he's on Hannibal or Law and Order, whether he's singing and dancing on Broadway or just rolling around on a couch giggling and opening his mouth and forming words with it he IS BECOMING A PROBLEM FOR ME. I mean, seriously.  He's sexy, he's dynamic, he has perfected some bizarre hybrid of "smoulder" and "cuddle bug" he apparently helps homeless dogs and AGGGHHHHH.  That brings him up to, what?  Quadruple Threat?  It's unfair.

Do you need proof?  Oh, well here it is: 
Yeah so this is me right now:

Louise is saying "Oh gross, he's so gorgeous, I just wanna slap it, I wanna slap it, I just wanna slap his hideous beautiful face"

Do you agree that this is unfair?  Please present your argument in vid form.  You will be among friends.

RPF - Robin Williams

I realize people die every year, but 2014 really seems like it's been coming for my childhood, adolescence and broader formative influence.  Robin Williams was a constant presence.   Basically I want to cry.  This is not a difficult task!  I cry at dogs with sad faces.  I grew up with him, on so many different screens, and I was devastated by his passing in a way that I haven't ever been by a celebrity death.  I would love a vid that captures the breadth of his "work"...not just his humor, but that ever-present vulnerability that always seemed to dance just under the surface (and often came out in his films).  His entire standup/film/tv catalogue is open season, as are interviews naturally.  But if you would like a direct line to my heart, these are the works closest to it: Toys, Aladdin, The Fisher King, Hook, Mork and Mindy. 
The Fisher King

I loved this movie when I was a teenager.  Terry Gilliam in general does it for me, but this one made probably the biggest *emotional* impact. Did you know Robin Williams won a Golden Globe for his performance in this? Perry is my favorite. Perry and Lydia are my favorite, but I like Anne and Jack almost as much. The DANCE SCENE is my favorite. Ugh, this movie I need to go and watch it right now. If you want to focus on the darkness of this movie, I do not mind one bit. Just let a *little* light in, would you? 


One of my favorite things about this film is how it reconciles proof and belief without patronizing the audience.  Even though I'm an atheist, I believe that science and faith can coexist peacefully, that they are not inherently in opposition, and that the wonder and beauty of the universe is not limited to that which is proven or can be imagined. I guess if that gives you any ideas then great!  Otherwise let's just say "vid about Ellie's conviction, and it ultimately being rewarded".  With space, of course.  Lots of space.
Only Lovers Left Alive 

Hello pretty pouty vampire boy, and equally pretty but life-affirming vampire lady.  Whether you want to muse on the underlying themes of the film, do a character analysis or just egregiously splash pretty vampires on my screen, I will probably be there for it.
Princess Jellyfish/Kuragehime

This is a lovely little show about fitting in, self-discovery, and learning how to succeed while being yourself. Do whatever you want!  Upbeat and happy, poignant, whatever you want.  Go nuts.  I just want to see these characters get some love <3
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