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Vidpost: Too Late Baby
 Title: Too Late Baby
Artist: Foxy Shazam
Source: Once Upon a Time
*Spoilers for S1 and 2, character death.*

Summary: Rumpelstiltskin: The Autobiography of an Unreliable Narrator

Made for Vividcon's Challenge Amnesty Show, 2013 (Self-Portrait, natch)

THANK YOU to sweetestdrain for being my beta, especially for help and advice about how to structure the ending.

Download (xvid): here (57 MB)

This started out as a straight up Rumpel vid with a sort of Rumbelle angle.  It started right before The Crocodile aired.  AHAHA.   But actually I was putting off doing my Festivid assignment, so I felt guilty and went and did that instead.  

And then the rest of season 2 happened, and I got derailed a bit.  From the beginning, there was always going to be a "BELLE, HONEY, JUST WATCH OUT OKAY?" but it sorted of transformed into a broader critque. I never wanted to make Rumpel a woobie, and I feel like I avoided that.

I love Rumpelstiltskin, I love OUAT and the world building and I definitely am on board with Rumbelle but...c'mon, guys.  I like charismatic villains but I think it's important to be honest about what they are.  Part of what shifted the focus of this vid was fandom's reaction to Milah (Rumpel's wife and Bae's mother).  Like, there were such stunning double-standards about her I thought I'd fallen backwards in Supernatural fandom ( offense?).  Such was the lady-hates.  I mean like: "I'm GLAD he killed her because she ABANDONED HER SON and that's LITERALLY THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO omg poor Rumpel I hope Belle will forgive him for HELL OF MURDERS"

I wanted to make a vid that demonstrates what I love about this character, but without apologetics for the fucked up things he does.  He's a monster, straight up.  He does horrendous things and he may be beyond redemption.  *He* would want you to believe that he's been really hard-done by, and no one has ever really loved him blah blah blah--but there's another side of the story.  Neil knows it.  Neil is not taking any of your nonsense, Rum. 

I was kind of panicked when this premiered in Challenge, because I knew there were Rumpel fans around and I thought it would get laughs in a few places (LITERALISM, FLOUNCING!).  I think it still went over well, and I didn't expect people to get my mostly-for-my-own-benefit framing device, but folks seemed to See What I Did There in a more general sense, so I tentatively call this a success.  Any disagreements may be posted below :)
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For the record, I absolutely adored this vid.

I am so, so glad you made this! I love Rumple just as much as the next person (lots of feels watching this!) but all the horrible stuff he does does tend to get overlooked by both the show and the fandom. This vid did an excellent job of giving a great character study of his whole character, good and bad.

I love how you begin with that first murdering shot as he gradually realizes what he's done. I also love how you set up the "no place left to go" with him and Bae and Belle but how they both see the horrible stuff he's done (love that bloody knife shot) and abandon him. Super great intro, it sets everything up so well! I love how you show Rumple maneuvering everyone like Charming and Regina with those great hair in the test tube shots. I really love how you intercut between the curse coming and Rumple in the prison cell, giving him some of the blame for setting that up.

I love how you show Rumple's more emotional and hurt moments to the beautiful change in the music and how that then leads to him running away from both Bae and Belle as he chooses the side of magic over his relationships. I love that "the way about you that turns me on" is Rumple's continued love of magic even when presented with people he actually loves. The "too late baby" is SO perfect with Neal seeing him and moving away from him with those great intercut Bae shots displaying that.

I LOVE the bridge, it's my favorite section and you use that change in music sooo well with all those great fast shots. The emotional responses to the people around him really get to him particularly Bae's frightened look and Regina's pain at the unicorn. You did a great job at showing all the messed up things he does both in the past and present and how even when some positive thing happens with his relationships, his bad side causes that to not last long. The ending is SO awesome with those great messed up shots and then those little flashes with him and the apple shots. Sooo cool and represents him SO well.

I'm a big believer in redemption so I'm all for him changing for the better and having a happy ending but I'm glad you showed why all the bad past stuff he's done is not something that can just be brushed off especially for the people around him. Loved this vid lots!

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