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Vidpost: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
 Title: Please Please Please Let Met Get What I Want
Artist: The Smiths
Source: Infomercials
Vidders: Joyo and absolutedestiny /[personal profile] absolutedestiny 

Summary: Isn't there a better way?

Made for Vividcon Premieres 2013

Download: here (31.4 MB)

Ian moved to the States back in January, and we've been staying with my parents.  My dad leaves the TV on when he's at home, so Ian began his crash course in American daytime TV.  One day, an ad came on for Comfy Seat.  He was TOTALLY FASCINATED.  A whole new world of marketing unfolded before his eyes.

He started looking at a subreddit devoted to animated gifs of people from infomercials basically ruining everything.  We started talking and joking and the rest is kind of a blur. I think the song was his idea originally. Basically, we went into some kind of shared coma and when we came to there was a premiere project file and over 100 infomercials on my computer. I cannot remember who said "omg lets send it to premiere".  I remember demanding the credits had a phone number, and a price.

The actual editing was about two short evenings.  We worked in passes.  I can recall moments like "NO! MORE TRAGIC!" and "Well, Melina does say she likes getting lighter vids for Premieres".  And giggling.  Lots of giggling.

And guys:  Towels are really difficult. I think all of us have been there. 

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brb loling forever. This is some genius work right here. :)

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